Steel Plate Processing

The Southern Steel Group have been working hard to ensure you have the convenience of a single contact point for all your plate and processing needs.

It is our aim to save you time by carrying an extensive range of stock across a variety of grades, thicknesses and sizes, along with the processing capabilities to back it up.

Our continuing investment in new technology and machinery ensures we maintain our edge in the market. We promise to make your plate processing our priority.

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Plate Processing

Farley 1 Farley 2 Kinetic 5000 Ficep Tipo d8
Twin head Plasma machine used for high volume processing. Single head plasma machin fitted with Oxy Cutting capability (4 Heads) use all plasma & oxy requirements Plasma/Oxy machine able to drill, tap, counter sinking & counter bore also has some milling capability. Machine suitable for material that requires subsequent operations after cutting. Allow 50mm extra on all beveled edges. High volume machine used for cropping, Punching of small pieces of plate and flat bar.
Machine Tolerance +- 2mm +- 2mm +- 2mm +- 2mm
Type of Cutting Plasma Plasma/Oxy  Plasma/Oxy Punch & Crop (Green required 200min)
Max Material Dimensions 8000 x 12000mm 8000 x 12000mm 3200 x 12000mm Width 50-500mm Length 2500 – 9000mm
No of Heads 2 Single Head Plasma Single Head Plasma Punching Size
4 Head Oxy (Minimum head spacing of 330mm) Single Head Oxy     Multi Tool Head Square  & Round punching 6-46mm
Material Type All ferrous materials, including all Q&T Plate Plasma – All ferrous metals, inc. Q&T plate Plasma – All ferrous metals, inc. Q&T plate Punch & Crop all types of material excluding alloy steels
Oxy – all carbon & low alloy metals excl. stainless and manganese steel Oxy – all carbon & low alloy metals excl. stainless and manganese steel
Material Thickness 3-25mm Plasma   3-25mm

Oxy   10 -100mm

Plasma   3-50mm

Oxy   10 – 200mm

6 – 20mm
Additional Capabilities End Milling / Etching

Counter Sinking & Boring

Tapping M10-M40

Bevelling (Max 40mm, 45°)

Will Cut & Punch

Angle Iron

Electronic Files DXF & DWG DXF & DWG DXF & DWG DSTV/NC1

Flat Products Processing

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